About Us

Our centre will be headquartered in the Boyne Valley. It is envisaged that there will be a need for physical spaces for administration, teaching, hosting events and meetings. Recent developments in virtual meeting technology can be utilised to reach stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally. It is also envisaged that much of the activities and learning will take place ‘in the field’, locally and nationally. The location feasibility study will assess these needs in detail and make recommendations how to optimise spaces, facilitates and locations. In the first years there is a definite need for an administrative space within the Boyne Valley and we will need to reach out to local stakeholders to find spaces in which to host events. We will need to work closely with our County Councils throughout our early years to identify and source possible locations and optimise resources available.

Organisation Structure

The Centre of Food & Culture, Boyne Value is a social enterprise. It will be structured as a company limited by guarantee. It is our intention to seek charitable status for the company. The memorandum and articles of association of the company will be given careful consideration to ensure that the organisation fulfills the mission and vision of the founders and enable the development and evolution of stakeholders in the long term. Membership of the Company will initially be confined members of the Boyne Valley Flavours Network.  The membership will elect a board ensuring it has the expertise and experience deemed necessary to drive the mission, vision and success of The Centre of Food Culture. This will be done gradually over the first five years. There after the board will be renewed and revitalised as deemed necessary over the life of the organisation. That Board will progress the structure by expanding the membership as it sees fit and assembling an Executive Management Team to deliver the services.